Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Birthday!

My birthday was on  July 26, but I am just now posting pics...I know..I'm horrible! 

Anyway, my birthday was probably one of the best birthdays ever all because of my wonderful boyfriend! Thank you Sergei!! 

My mom let Sergei in my house early that morning and he set up a relaxing birthday surprise for me!  This is what I saw when I walked out of my bedroom that morning:

Sergei had REAL red and pink rose petals all over the place! These roses took me to the bathroom where Sergei had a bubble bath ready for me with candles and roses everywhere! He even put my favorite dark chocolate in there so I could have something to eat while I was in there! 

I thought this was the end of my surprises, but while I was in the bathtub Sergei was making breakfast for me!  When I got out this is what he had for me on my bed! 

Pancakes with cool whip, butter, strawberries, chocolate chips, and blueberries!! It was AMAZING!!

He did such a good job :)

Me with my delicious breakfast!

Haha then Sergei passed out after all that hard work! 

After I got ready Sergei took me birthday shopping and out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants!! He is such a great boyfriend!! 

After that we went to my dads house to cookout and eat cake!  

Me with my cute hello kitty cookie cake :) 

Well that was my birthday! Thank you to everyone who made it a great day! 

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tag your it!

Sorry for never updating my blog, I still am not very 
used to this.  Luckily, my cousin Tierra tagged me so I 
was forced to update!  In this tag 
you're supposed to post two things about each subject in order for
 people to get to know you a little better.

2 musts in your purse:

I always carry deodorant with me in my purse. My 
life is always random, so I never know 
when I might need my deodorant. It's a lifesaver carrying it in my purse for the
days that I can't go home to put it on.
Also, I always carry hand sanitizer with me. I am somewhat of a germ freak, 
so I always use this when I'm out and there is no soap anywhere.

2 Favorite Cleaning Supplies:

I love cleaning supplies! Nothing makes me happier than 
a clean house! My favorite cleaning supplies are the new clorax disinfecting wipes
because they are so handy, they smell good, and they save having to use paper towels! My 
other favorite cleaning supply is laundry detergent.  It's not really something you clean with, but 
I love the smell of
clean laundry!

2 Favorite Foods:

My favorites foods include any kind of fruit! I could 
probably live off of fruit for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy!

My second favorite type of food is sweets...this is a 
very bad thing to have
as your favorite type of food,
but it's my guilty 
pleasure. Also, baking is one
of my favorite 

2 Favorite songs:

My favorite songs at the moment are I'm Letting Go by Francesca Battistelli and I will not be moved by Natalie Grant.  These songs are great because they are singing about the Lord and that with his love all things are possible.  I can't go through my day without listening to these uplifting songs.

2 Material Wants:

Well I just had a birthday so there is not much that I need right now, but two items that I plan to purchase in the future are...

The new Vera Bradley tote in pinwheel pink..I think this
tote is so cute and it 
would be useful to 
carry a couple of books in for school!

Also, I would love to have a bread maker.  I hardly ever make bread, but if I had one of these then I would make stuff all the time! 

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trip to Atlanta

I am FINALLY posting a new blog. My life has been a bit busy with exams and everything else that I really haven't had time. Now that school is over for a little bit (until my summer classes start in June) my life is a lot more relaxing.

Over Spring Break, Sergei and I went to Atlanta to visit family. We stayed with his sister, brother-in-law, and nephew for a few days then with my aunt, uncle, and cousin for the rest of our trip. This trip was so much fun and we were so thankful to be able to hang out with family; especially Sergei's sister because she just recently moved back to the United States from Germany. While we were in Atlanta we went to the Coca-Cola Factory and Stone Mountain Park. If you have never been I highly recommend both of them. Here are some pictures from out trip.

Our cute little family

Sergei, Addy, and me an Stone Mountain Park

Baby Vladimir, Sergey, Nadia, and me

The Coca-Cola Factory

Taking a little break. He's so cute:)

They're such a cute family :)

Having fun! We love Italia soccer team!

The first coke car

Old vending machines and a Japanese one

Some of the Santa Clause portraits

I thought this was neat

The end of our tour. This part was fun because we were able to try all different coke products from around the world. It was cool being able to taste what people from other countries drink. I personally didn't like most of them because I'm not big on soda, but it was a cool experience.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

First blog!

After being harassed many times by my cousin Tierra, we have decided to start a blog! I guess I should say a little about Sergei and myself. Sergei was born in the Ukraine and did not come to the United States until the year 2000. I was born and raised in Kingsport, TN. We first saw each other at a soccer game in 2005 but we were both too shy to say hello. Luckily Sergei played soccer with one of my friends I was with that night and asked him for my number. A couple of weeks later we went on our first date and we have been together ever since! We just celebrated our 3 year anniversary on April 3! Sergei graduated from Sullivan South High School in 2005 and was All-State in soccer! He will be graduating this spring with an associates degree and then attending ETSU in the fall to pursue a degree in digital media. I graduated from Dobyns-Bennett High School in 2007 and I am now attending ETSU for a degree in early childhood education! Sergei and I have a chihuahua named Addy that he bought for my birthday two years ago! She is an amazing part of our life and brings more joy than we could have ever imagined. Well that sums up our lives at the moment!